Review: Jackaby by William Ritter


It’s been a while since I read this book and I’ve been procrastinating to write this review –or write anything on the blog for that matter– so I don’t remember every single detail of the novel. Which might be good so there’s less opportunities for a spoiler to slip. Luckily, I took some notes after I finished so I’m going to base my review on them. I hope they make sense for you.

First of all, let me tell you I’m usually not a fan of detective stories. I don't mean that I don't like them, it's just that they are not the kind of story that excite me in the first place. Unless there's an additional element that make them more appealing or that spark an interest in me. What sparked my interest for Jackaby was its magical/fairy-like element –I'm a sucker for anything magic– along with its setting really picked up my attention. Give me anything set in the 1800s or beginning of the twentieth century and you’ll make me happy, specially if you mix it with magic. That made me love The Infernal Devices trilogy and Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell’s tv show (yes, I know it’s originally a novel but the TV show was very well done, ok? Also, haven’t read the novel because its density kinda scares me. I know, I’m a monster) and it hooked me on Jackaby as well. Although, in this case, it’s more like a supernatural fairy-like element than magic with spells and that kind of thing

We have two main characters. On the one hand, Abigail. We read the story through her eyes and voice. She’s a very particular young woman for the time in which she lives. She travels alone from her native England to the US. She is quite a practical woman though, independent and with an adventurer spirit but she is also innocent and you can really tell that despite all her bravery she is still really young and naive in some aspects. You know what? I think she is quite a Gryffindor kind of character and I liked her quite a lot and enjoyed following the story through her experience. 

On other hand, there’s Jackaby. He’s a weirdo, guys, and not because he can see things no one else can. The nice kind of weirdo though, the kind you get fond of. He is quite the Holmes style as well in his eccentricities. He is absent-minded, always in his own head, but also pretty determined. He is, actually, a bit of a Mr Norrell kind of character although Jackaby is more extroverted and open-minded than Clarke’s character and far more likeable. He is quite an interesting guy and I’m looking forward to more of his and Abigail’s adventures.

I already have the second and third installment in this series of books and, if the story develops in a similar way than it did on this first one, I’m pretty certain I will like them as much.

Now tell me, have you read it this series? Did you enjoyed them?

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