About me

I've never been good at this kind of thing. Sometimes I say too little, sometimes I don't know where to stop.

Should I tell you who I am?

I'm a book reader, a TV shows watcher, a very random woman who is stupidly proud of being left-handed and who sometimes acts and always looks younger than her age.

Should I tell you what you'll find in this blog?

Your typical book blog entries like wrap ups, book hauls, the random book review because I'm not very confident at writing them (and also lazy). I guess you will find the random rambles as well. They will usually be about books or reading but sometimes I might write about something that has nothing to do with it.

Where else can you find me?

My twitter account, for example.


Or my bookstagram account:


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The Blood of Olympus
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La música del silencio
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The Raven Boys
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