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I’ve been struggling to find a topic to write about on this blog, guys. I’ve been lacking in inspiration as per usual and couldn’t find anything exciting to talk about. I couldn’t review the book I was reading because it’s the second installment in a series. And I’m not one to review books from a trilogy or a series, unless they are the first one because you can’t help being spoilery when reviewing the second, the third or the whatever number book of a series. Lucky for you (I guess?), there’s a review coming soon because between the second and third book in the Liveship Traders trilogy, I read a novel I’m willing to review. Go me getting slowly but surely out of my reading slump!!

But that’s a topic for another day. Today I’m bringing you a book haul since I’ve realized that I’ve bought more books that I had expected in the past couple of months even though I had been quite good at saving/not buying books in the previous months (April doesn’t count because St Jordi is in April and you can't not buy books on St Jordi)

So, in the past few months I’ve acquired some books. Some I bought because I’ve wanted them for a while, others because Instagram made me and one my dad gave it to me.

So, without further ado, here they are:

ONE OF US IS LYING by Karen McManus
The lovely woman behind @thebiblioteque Instagram and blog made me buy this book. Well, not her per se –she didn’t point a gun at me or anything– but her review of it. It sounds so intriguing and fun. When you read the synopsis, the first thing that comes to mind is The Breakfast Club + murder. And then you go to the praises of the book or the reviews you can find online and they say the same. Which only makes me want to read it even more. Hopefully before the summer ends.

I have been listening a lot of good things about Anne’s second and last novel. Apparently is supposed to be quite feminist which is probably one of the reasons why she is not as known as her other two sisters (damn patriarchy!). That, as well as the love for Victorian reads I got from last year’s Victober or Victorian October challenge*, made me buy this book. Also, this editions are just too pretty to ignore and I don’t need many excuses to get me one of them. Although I can't seem to be able to take good quality pictures of them as you'll see in the next book on the list.

*I made a post explaining what Victorian October was back when I wrote this blog in Spanish. You can read it here if you want or you can go to one of the original creators that I linked in my post. Their explanations are in English.

The last of the six full novels written by Austen to get to my shelves. Now my collection of her novels is complete and I must proceed to read them all. I have only read and finished Persuasion –which I loved– so far and it’s time for me to get to the others. There’s actually a Jane Austen challenge going on in the Spanish book community but I’m a bit late for that already so I just had an idea. Since October is probably going to be, again, my Victorian reads month, why don’t make September the month to read books from the Regency era. That way, I will have an excuse and a reason to read all Austen’s work. Why do you guys think? Is it a good idea or I’m just being naive thinking I could make my “mood reader” self have a TBR for two months straight?

LIVESHIP TRADERS (#1 and #3) by Robin Hobb
If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I really love Robin Hobb’s novels. I read the Farseer trilogy last year and fell in love with her world-building, her diverse set of characters and her amazing writing style. After that I got myself the first two books in the Tawny Man trilogy so I could follow more stories from the same characters you found in the Farseer one. But alas, before I could even start them, I found out that it was advised to read the Liveship Traders trilogy before you got into the Tawny Man. Well, no problem, let’s read it then. Even though it’s set in the same world, the action happens in a totally different place with a bunch of totally different cultures and characters. 
I bought the first book then, read it, gave it five stars and I even did a review that you can read clicking here. Later on, I asked my dad to let me read his ebook version of the second. I bought the third on paper again though and it’s one of my current reads. The pace is quite slow and I’m at that point where everything is going wrong and the characters are going through the toughest of times so it’s quite a depressing struggle read right now. Still, really enjoying it and loving the whole story.

A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC by Victoria Schwab
I'm really excited to start this trilogy. I've heard so many good reviews and I've seen it all over bookstagram. The hype is real, guys. Apparently, people love it and love Victoria Schwab's writing with passion. I do want to climb into the Schwab's loving bandwagon and I'm going to start doing so by reading this trilogy. The premise actually sounds really interesting and fun as well. Just like with One of Us is Lying, I'm hoping to read this one before the summer ends. Fingers crossed I don't get distracted and let the summer go by too quickly. 

And last but not least.

ARIANWYN by James Nicol
My father and I are both adults that read middle-grade novels from time to time. Here’s one example of that. My dad got this book from I don’t know where, read it and gave it to me because he thinks I will like it. He’s usually right so I’m going to give it a go soon. Also, it’s going to be the first read in Catalan that I do in a while. I don’t usually read in Catalan even though is one of my mother tongues. Mainly because I am not very fond of translations in Catalan since, for some reason, the dialogues don’t sound very natural to me. Maybe is because I speak in a western-Catalan dialect and the translators usually write in a very standard/too formal way or in an eastern-Catalan/Barcelona’s dialect. I don’t know but for whatever reason, the voices don’t feel natural to me and make the reading a bit too uncomfortable.

That's it for today. What books have you acquired in the past months? Have you read any of the ones I've mentioned in today's haul? 

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