New Blog? New Era?


Ok, so if you don't follow me on Instagram... First, you could. Click here, it's free and it will make me really happy. And secondly, this might come as a surprise. What's happening is that I'm changing the language of this blog into English. The reasons why? Well, let me make a quick list.

1. I read a lot of books in English.
It's kind of weird looking at my shelves if you're not an English-speaker person because they're like 75% books in English which is neither my first nor my second language (I have two mother tongues). Therefore, we can say that it makes sense that the blog where I talk about the books I read is written in the language I read the most, right? Right.

2. I write a lot in English lately.
I have always liked writing and I've usually done it in Spanish but a few weeks ago, I started writing this story in English because it made more sense in my head to be written in this language. This has probably shaped my mind in some way which makes me turn into this language when I'm writing about certain things. Example: while writing my last post in Spanish, I suddenly started writing in English mid-sentence. It took me at least a whole minute and almost three whole sentences to realize I actually wasn't writing in Spanish. Weird, right? But also a sign? Maybe?

3. The possibility of reaching a wider audience.
This one pretty much speaks for itself. English is one of the top spoken languages in the world and it's considered a lingua franca worldwide. With that in mind, makes sense to think that writing in this language will help me in one of my goals for this blog: share my love for books and reading with as much people as possible.

I'm not going to lie... I still have some reservations about this change. I mean, I've tried this before, the whole writing a blog in English. It might even have been a book blog, I'm not sure. Can't remember. The thing is, it didn't work out. I don't know if it was because I wasn't confident about my skills with the language, because I thought I wasn't able to explain things properly. Maybe I just felt like using my own language again because that's the one I'm most comfortable with.

On the other hand, my Spanish posts always had some English words and phrases thrown in there. In general I love being able to speak three languages but sometimes it can be annoying if you have to use just one at a time. Specially if you're used to mix them altogether in your daily life.

But let me to stop with my rambling here. I'm just going to do it. I'll try this, guys. I'm not sure what will come up out of this new stage in this blog. Will it make me more constant? Probably not. But still, I will try *insert here that fist bump emoji that I always use when I want to encourage someone or myself*

I welcome you all, then, to this new era in The Snowy Owl book blog. Hope you like it, hope you stay and I'd love and appreciate all the feedback you can give me in my new posts.

Have a nice day and a happy first of June. Summer is almost here!!

ps: I still need to change some stuff from the blog that it's still in Spanish. Bear with me, it'll be done as soon as possible.

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